93rd birth anniversary of my father Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla

Obeisance to my father Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla on his 93rd birth anniversary

Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji (Indrajeet Singhji), also known as Billy Rajpipla, was third son of His Highness Maharaja Shri Vijaysinhji, the last ruler of the 4,000 square kilometres Rajpipla State, which is now part of Gujarat province in India. Rajpipla State or Rajpipla Kingdom was situated largely between the Rivers Narmada and Tapti, and nestled in the lap of the Satpura Hills. Our ancient Gohil Rajput dynasty ruled over Rajpipla for over 600 years from the 1340s till merger with the Indian Union in 1948.  

Born on 19th September 1925, my father Maharajkumar or Prince Indrajitsinhji was a multi-talented personality. An ace polo player, he represented the Rajpipla Polo Team, led by his father Maharaja Vijaysinhji and also comprising his elder brothers (then) Yuvraj Rajendrasinhji and Maharajkumar Pramodsinhji. He also played polo, as well as cycle polo, for his alma mater Mayo College, Ajmer. Going on to become one of the finest polo players of his time in the country, he played alongside some of the most distinguished names in the game, Maharaja Man Singhji of Jaipur and his sons, (then) Maharajkumar Bhawani Singh and Maharajkumar Jai Singh, Maharaj Prem Singh of Jodhpur, Maj.-Gen. Habibullah, Col. Kishen Singh, Maj. P.K. Mehra, (then) Maj. Bhim Suhag, (then) Capt. V.P. Singh, and the Sodhi brothers, at all the major polo centres in India. He was the only civilian who played alongside Army officers and Gentlemen Cadets at the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun.  

An ace shooter, my father was a fine artist too. A protege of the well-known Mayo College arts master Mr. B.C. Gue, Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji’s paintings still adorn the walls of Mayo College. A true Prince and a gentleman.


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