Indrajit-Padmini Mahal (Vadia Palace), Rajpipla…..a marvel of architecture

Indrajit-Padmini Mahal – also known as Vadia Palace – is a marvel of architecture and one of the iconic palaces of India. Located in the erstwhile princely town of Rajpipla, now the headquarters of Narmada district, Indrajit-Padmini Mahal was dubbed as ‘The Taj of Gujarat’ in its heyday in the 1940s. Indrajit-Padmini Mahal is a great …

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The historic 18th century Juni Haveli (Old Palace) of the kingdom of Rajpipla

Marriage of the famous cricketer K.S. Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar to Princess Jayraj Kunverba of Rajpipla