Even a tailender can be an allrounder. My foreword to a splendid novel ‘The Tailender’ by a talented schoolboy Anirudh Naveen

Foreword that I wrote to a splendid novel ‘The Tailender’ by a young boy Anirudh Naveen, who is still a student at Delhi Public School, Pune. The e-book will be available on Amazon soon. FOREWORD Tailender has different connotations. One is, obviously, the laggard who languishes at the back. Another is the cricketing inference to …

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Half a million cheered “Good old Pip” and the King hailed the triumphant Prince. Epilogue to Indra Vikram Singh’s book ‘A Maharaja’s Turf’

130th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla, 30th January 2020