The fierce battles between the Gohil Rajput rulers of Rajpipla and the Sultans of Gujarat in the 15th and 16th centuries

The Gohil Rajput clan began ruling the 4,000 square kilometres principality of Rajpipla, lying largely between the rivers Narmada and Tapti, around the year 1340. Kumar Shri Samarsinhji was younger son of Mokhdaji Gohil, chief of Ghogha, with capital at Pirambet in the Gulf of Cambay. Samarsinhji’s mother, and second wife of Mokhdaji, was the daughter …

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Installation of the statue of the legendary Maharana Verisali I of Rajpipla in the precincts of Harsiddhi Mataji temple

Chasing a dream. Prelude to Epsom Derby win of Maharaja Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla. Excerpts from Indra Vikram Singh’s book, ‘A Maharaja’s Turf’

Indra Vadan Singh…..tea expert and scion of the Rajpipla royal family