Prince of the erstwhile royal house of Rajpipla, now in the province of Gujarat, India, and descendant of the ancient Gohil Rajput dynasty. Entrepreneur, writer, editor, publisher, heritage resort promoter. Author of ‘Test Cricket – End of the Road?’ (1992) ‘World Cup Cricket’ (2002) ‘The Little Big Book of World Cup Cricket’ (2007 and 2011 editions), ‘The Big Book of World Cup Cricket’ (2011), ‘A Maharaja’s Turf’ (2011) on the triumph of his grandfather Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla in the Epsom Derby 1934, ‘Don’s Century’ (2011) which is a biography of Don Bradman and a panorama of batting from the 1860s to present times, ‘Crowning Glory’ (2011) special supplement on the ICC World Cup 2011, and Índian Spring’ (2015) on India’s triumph in the ICC World Cup 2011 and a look ahead to the ICC World Cup . Now in the process of setting up a heritage resort in Rajpipla.


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  1. Hello Sir,
    My self Sanjay Gohel From Anand.i want to know diffance between gohel and gohil because sometimes people ask me what is your caste than I said I am gohel rajput.but he said gohel is not rajput.so please give the information about it.recently I ask this question but reply is “change your surname as you want”.but I don’t want change my surname.im also ask this question to my father and he said we are from angadh village it is near to baroda.i want to know why our surname is gohel and why it is not gohil.?. Please send me the reply and if you have article or pdf file than sent me.please be needfull and send the reply in given email id or whatsapp number.

    Thanks and Regards
    Sanjay Gohel

    • Hello Sanjay,

      Gohil and Gohel are the same. People write it either way. It is possible that your family settled near Baroda many centuries ago, having migrated from Gohilwad in Saurashtra or from Rajpipla.


      Indra Vikram Singh

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