Crowning Glory: Special supplement on India’s win in the ICC World Cup 2011

Crowning Glory 

by Indra Vikram Singh

Special supplement on India’s win in the ICC World Cup 2011


Published by Sporting Links

ISBN 978-81-901668-6-7

Fully illustrated

Paperback 11 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches

44 Pages

Available at an attractive price on Amazon:


The Book : Crowning Glory is a special supplement on India’s triumph in the ICC World Cup 2011, written, designed and produced by Indra Vikram Singh. The tenth edition of One-day cricket’s biggest show returned to the sub-continent for the third time. Never had the hosts triumphed on home soil, but in 2011 the favourites India, despite a few stutters, jubilantly lifted the glittering ICC World Cup for the second time at Mumbai on the balmy evening of 2nd April.

This was not only the crowning glory for an inspired Indian team that had striven hard to win the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 in 2007 and attain the no. 1 spot in Test cricket in 2010, but also the missing jewel in the amazing career of Sachin Tendulkar who has set lofty benchmarks in Test matches as well as One-day Internationals. It was a fairy-tale come true, the real significance of which will be understood in the years and decades to follow.

Recounting the story of the 2011 cricket World Cup, Crowning Glory replays the hot spots – the highlights of this exhilarating tournament, the legends of the World Cup who sparkled in the event, and the new records that were set up. There are splendid photographs that tell a graphic tale, encapsulating another thrilling chapter in India’s journey in the world of cricket.

The Author : Hailing from the erstwhile royal family of Rajpipla, now in the state of Gujarat, India, Indra Vikram Singh is a heritage resort promoter, writer, author, editor and publisher. He is author of ‘Test Cricket – End of the Road?’ (Rupa & Co., 1992); ‘World Cup Cricket’ (Rupa & Co., 2002); ‘The Little Big Book of World Cup Cricket’ (edition I, Sporting Links, 2007); ‘The Little Big Book of World Cup Cricket’, edition II (ISBN 978-81-731422-0-8, Media Eight, 2011); ‘A Maharaja’s Turf’ (ISBN 978-81-901668-3-6, Sporting Links, 2011) on the triumph of his grandfather Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla in the Epsom Derby of England in 1934; ‘The Big Book of World Cup Cricket’ (ISBN 978-81-901668-4-3, Collector’s edition, Sporting Links, 2011); ‘Don’s Century’ (ISBN 978-81-901668-5-0, Sporting Links, 2011) which is a biography of Don Bradman and a panorama of batting from the 1860s to the present times; and ‘Crowning Glory’ (ISBN 978-81-901668-6-7, Sporting Links, 2011), a special supplement on India’s win in the ICC World Cup 2011.


The author Indra Vikram Singh can be contacted on email His blogs and offer an insight into his work, his family and heritage.



Part 1 : ICC World Cup 2011

Part 2 : Stars of the 2011 World Cup

Part 3 : The Curtain Raiser

Part 4 : Hot Spots

Part 5 : Legends

Part 6 : Records set up in the 2011 World Cup

Part 7 : Other statistical landmarks achieved in the 2011 World Cup

Part 8 : Roll of Honour 1975-2011

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