Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla who designed insignia of cheetal in April 1958 for The Wildlife Preservation Society of India

(Article by Raghuvirsinh D. Jadeja in Cheetal magazine May-October 2021 issue of The Wildlife Preservation Society of India).

Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji was the third son of Maharaja Vijaysinhji, the last ruler of Rajpipla State. The ancient Gohil Rajput dynasty ruled the 4,000 square kilometres principality of Rajpipla, which lay largely between the rivers Narmada and Tapi, for 600 years from the 1340s to 1948. Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji was educated at Mayo College, Ajmer. He was a brilliant artist; his paintings still adorn the walls of Mayo College. He was one of the finest polo players of his time. A top-class shooter, he was a lover of wildlife. So many of his paintings feature wildlife from tigers and panthers to elephants and cheetals.

A painting of Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla, true to life, when a tiger attacked one of his drivers in the jungles near Haridwar.

Above is the logo of the Cheetal designed by Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla sometime in 1958 for the Wildlife Preservation Society of North India (initial name of the Society). He was a good painter and had a great passion for wildlife. Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji’s younger sister was married in the Nabha royal family, to the younger brother of Maharaja Pratap Singh (the founder President of the Wildlife Society of India).

Courtesy: Details and photos by Indra Vikram Sinhji, elder son of Maharajkumar Indrajitsinhji of Rajpipla State.

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