The exquisite interiors of Indrajit-Padmini Mahal (Vadia Palace), Rajpipla

(9) Inside 1

(10) Inside 2

Tastefully built, there is art work all over Indrajit-Padmini Mahal, outside as well as inside. Also known as Vadia Palace, built in Art Deco style, has beautifully appointed interiors that are set for restoration.

(11) Inside 3
(12) Inside 4

The flooring patterns in the best Italian marble are different in each room and gallery. Intricate work in plaster of Paris is complemented by exquisite marble carvings. A thousand doors and windows, and two huge spiral staircases winding their way right up to the terrace, are crafted in top quality Burma teak. Central air-conditioning, a novel concept in the 1930s, made for a comfortable stay during the summer months.

(21) Marble screen 1958


Beautiful frescoes in different themes by Polish artist and interior decorator Armande Herman Vallee Wolinski (Armande Vallee) are still visible on the walls. Some are as good as new, others need just a touch up, while a few must be painstakingly reproduced.


No wonder this grand monument, built by Maharaja Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla, was referred to as ‘The Taj of Gujarat’ during its heydays in the 1940s. It should be ready to welcome guests from all over the world in the near future.


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