What Mrs. Elizabeth Worsley, a life-long Old Windsor resident, said about Maharaja Sir Vijaysinhji of Rajpipla as she celebrated her 100th birthday in March 2012

Maharajah Vijayasinhji of Rajpipla (1890 - 1951, right) with friends at Epsom Downs Racecourse, Surrey, circa 1935. The Maharajah's horse, Windsor Lad, won the Derby in 1934. (Photo by Rajpipla/Atherton Archives/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Worsley, a lifelong Old Windsor resident celebrated her 100th birthday in March 2012 with a family that included 18 great grandchildren. She told the Windsor Ascot & Eton Express: “I would never move out of Old Windsor.”

The newspaper reported in its edition of 28 March 2012 that Mrs. Worsley met her late husband John William at the home of another Old Windsorian – the Maharaja of Rajpipla, the jet setting and debonair friend of stars and aristocrats known to all as Mr. Pip. He lived in splendour at The Manor on Church Road.

Mr. Worsley’s husband John William was a footman at the house, having taken the job after leaving the Air Force. Mrs. Worsley said: “I used to go to the house to help with parties. The Maharaja threw lovely big parties. When he was in France we would all help keep the house in order. He had a big staff including his own dresser and secretary. He was a great horse owner and his Epsom Derby winner Windsor Lad had a pub in Windsor named after it.”

After the Maharaja died, his lavish home became Manor Lodge Care home. Mrs. Worsley added: “The village has changed totally from when I remember it. The main road through was just fields when I was growing up and there were hardly any houses.” Apart from not being able to see as clearly as she could, Mrs Worsley said she felt years younger than a hundred and still had no intention of leaving her beloved Old Windsor.


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