A small glimpse of the genius of V. Shantaram

When V. Shantaram switched on Michel Camera

by Dhiru Mistry


It was Rajkamal Kalamandir Studio stage no. 2. Year 1960. My nani Jatanba, Bela Bose, Producer-Director P.H. Parmar, Shanta Apte, the crew members and I were present.

“Camera,” shouted P.H. Parmar, and the legendary film-maker V. Shantaram pressed the button of Michel camera. For indoor shooting Michel camera was always used. Arriflex camera had just been introduced.

As the next shot taken, Anna (as Shantaram was fondly addressed) remarked, “Parmar Saab, the ‘pallu’ of Shantabai was on her head when I switched on the camera, while in this shot the ‘pallu’ is on her shoulder. I think there may be continuity jump,” Shantaram pointed out the directorial mistake.

Such was the genius of V. Shantaram.

I had the pleasure working with him right there in the studio.


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